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Case Study

Anna Hemmings MBE - 6x World Marathon Kayak champion, overcame CFS with Reverse Therapy to win her 6th World title. Read on...

Reverse Therapy Training Testimonials

Above: Advanced Training Seminar in Reverse Therapy June 2007


From Dr Anna Mackenzie Juva (Norway)

The Reverse Therapy training course is one of the most thoroughly planned training courses I have ever been on. John Eaton has taken common sense, mixed it with a secure academic background and serves it up in a way that is accessible to everyone who is willing to learn, whether they have a therapy background or not.  The practical approach ensures that you gain confidence rapidly and are ready to practice Reverse Therapy by the end of the course. John's teaching skills are intuitive and skilled, and as with all good teachers he is willing to learn from his students.


From Sue Nevitt (England)

I took part in the Reverse Therapy training during the spring of 2007.

We were a group of students from all walks of life with a common goal of learning how to deliver Reverse Therapy to clients. Most of us had had personal or close hand experience of working with ME/CFS/FMS. John lead and inspired us through the learning curve of, firstly understanding how Bodymind works and interacts with Headmind and, secondly, how to intuitively interpret and teach clients how to respond to their own Bodymind messages.

The course included a lot of fun, movement, role-play and interaction with our new friends. Practical demonstrations on each others' residual "bananas"  allowed us to experience Reverse Therapy in action. We quickly learnt how to really feel our own emotions and had lots of practice at putting Bodymind messages into action. For me, the whole experience was absolutely amazing and i came away with a life-changing outlook on my own life.

I have thoroughly enjoyed helping clients interpret their own symptom messages and give guidance where needed so that they can act on their message and achieve restored good health. The knowledge of why we have emotions has continued to guide me in my every day life.

John makes learning fun , interesting and a journey of discovery. The follow-up support after qualifying also helps you to gain confidence with each new case.

Thank you, John, for the expert guidance you have given me that now enables me to change the lives of so many new clients.

Ann Laird (Scotland)

For many years now I have used Reverse Therapy as one of the main tools in my therapy practice.  I have participated in several of the  training courses and have always found them to be most enjoyable, challenging and informative.  Hardly a day goes by that I do not suggest that a client buys and reads Dr Eaton's book.  I find that this book helps many of my clients no matter what their difficulties are.  The most common feedback that I get from clients who have recovered from mind-body illnesses is that after a few sessions of Reverse Therapy they have "got their lives back."


From Toni Collinge (Australia)

Doing the Reverse Therapy Practitioner Training changed my life. I learnt how to live a life of joy, fulfilment and contentment and how to transfer that to the people who are close to me. Even if I'd never practised as a Reverse Therapy practitioner it would still be the best thing I've ever done.


From Lyn White (England)

John is an excellent trainer and teacher.  His courses are always full of demonstrations and practical activity backed by theory so I know I can go away and implement what I have been taught.  Oh, yes, they usually involve having fun too!