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Case Study

Anna Hemmings MBE - 6x World Marathon Kayak champion, overcame CFS with Reverse Therapy to win her 6th World title. Read on...

Reverse Therapy

We teach people how to increase awareness of the body and understand the reasons for bodily distress and the appearance of symptoms such as fatigue and unexplained pain. This could refer to the need to make environmental changes, improve emotional expression, reverse attitudes, or push for lifestyle balance.

Our core insight is that non-specific illnesses result from a breakdown between Bodymind (centred on the limbic system) and the Critical Mind (centred on the frontal lobes). When this occurs the individual fails to adapt properly to life-challenges leading to unresolved emotions, anxiety, or to daily frustrations. As Bodymind notices this it creates alarm signals in the form of symptoms in order to call for change. Reverse Therapy focuses on understanding and working with these messages and identifying the changes required.


John has written about these interactions in his books on Reverse Therapy and shows how the breakdown of the relationship between Critical Mind (the conditioned, cerebral, judgmental mind) and Bodymind (the emotional, intuitive, adaptive mind) leads to uncleared emotions, stress, unresolved demands on the person, and a loss of balance, joy and fulfilment in life. This, in turn, leads to changes in signals from the Limbic system in the brain, leading to overwork of the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis (the HPA axis), to overload of the Adrenal glands and alterations in the muscles, gut, circulation, immune system, sleep cycle and elsewhere.


From the very first session in Reverse Therapy we teach our clients to: 

  • Understand the reasons for symptom appearances
  • Raise Awareness for situations which trigger distress
  • Learn how to 'read' Bodymind
  • Resolve the breakdown between Bodymind and the Critical Mind
  • Use Mindfulness to stay in Present Moment Awareness
  • Stay out of negative Critical Mind states
  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Be more active and assertive
  • Balance personal needs with those of others
  • Restore the life-work balance

Each client is provided with a CD of tapes which aid them in understanding Bodymind, how to use Reverse Therapy and how to develop Mindfulness.

Note: Although some of our practitioners are medical doctors it is advisable to first secure a medical opinion for any condition for which you are considering Reverse Therapy